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A writer.


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"Through a Prism of Reality," catalog essay for United Communities by Nicolas Grenier, Art Mur, Montreal, Quebec
"The Park," on the occasion of Above About Aboard Across After Against by Greg Hayes, Anthony Greaney, Boston


"Scales," co-curated with Erin Calla Watson, Leroy's, Los Angeles, CA
Three White Soldiers, Skogen, Gotenborg
Cinema Reset, Antenna Gallery, New Orleans, LA
Digital Moving Images Festival, Cuchifritos
Pixilerations 8, Portland, RI
Hors Pistes 2011, Centre Pompidou, Paris


"LARB Presents: I Will Not Publish Any More Boring Art," panel at Frieze LA moderated by Kate Wolf, Los Angeles, CA
"A Snake Whistles (Three American Poems)," with Bruce Hainley, The Main Museum, Los Angeles, CA
"Bombs with Bodies: Nancy Spero's War Series," Potts, Alhambra, CA
"War with Bodies," The Box, Los Angeles, CA
"Travis Diehl and Rasmus Røhling In Conversation," SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen
"Spiralogues," Classroom at Los Angeles Art Book Fair, Los Angeles, CA
"Love and Truth," panel at Art Los Angeles Contemporary, Santa Monica, CA
"'Jack's Back' & Other Commercials," metro pcs
Artists Read Baldessari, Printed Matter's Los Angeles Art Book Fair
Response to Building on Ruins, Cirrus Gallery
Public Fiction
Black Box, with Sneaky Snake, curated by Liz Glynn
Five Points Reading Series, Workspace
See Also, with Greg Hayes, Whittier College, Whittier, CA
Sumarr Reading Series, Lancaster, CA
Spiralogues, Calarts, Valencia, CA
Five Points Reading Series, Workspace 2601
The Abstraction of Commerce: Halley to Sekula, Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, NC


Rabkin Prize in Visual Arts Journalism
Artist in Residence, The Main Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Critic in Residence, Otis College of Art and Design
Critic in Residence, Otis College of Art and Design
Danish Arts Council International Research Grant, Copenhagen, Denmark
Visiting Faculty, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
Editorial Board, X-TRA Contemporary Art Quarterly
Danish Arts Council International Research Grant, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Capital / Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant
Artist in Residence, ISLAND, Bellaire, MI

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